A Windsor, Ontario, man says he wants to fight a $6,200 ticket he obtained for crossing the Canada-US border while fully vaccinated.

Chris Labelle, who regularly crosses the border for daily work, says that on his way home, he picked up his aunt from the Detroit Metro Airport.

Labelle says that he only had problems when going to drop off his aunt.

Labelle says he was asked to provide a PCR test.

"I work in Detroit. I don't need a test. She says technically you do because it's not work. I never put that together," Labelle said, according to CTV News Windsor.

Labelle says he opted for a ticket without knowing how large the fine would be. He was also instructed to quarantine for 14 days.

Labelle says he then returned to work two days later with no "no issue at all."

The US-Canada border is set to be reopened on November 8, with travellers being expected to show proof that they are adequately vaccinated.

Travellers to the US are not expected to show a negative PCR test.

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