Former Congressman Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) predicted Sunday that there were multiple scandals ahead for President Joe Biden and his administration.

Chaffetz said during a “Fox News Sunday” appearance that the coming year would be filled with “a lot of surprise issues” stemming from policies implemented during Biden’s first year in office, and he suggested that the one word tying those surprise issues together was “scandal.”

Guest host Mike Emanuel asked all of his “Fox News Sunday” panelists for their 2022 predictions, and Chaffetz began by saying that security — across a number of different areas of life in the United States — was likely to be a top priority for many.

“I think security was going to be right near the top of the agenda. Security in your health, security on the border, security in your hometown, security in the big cities, and certainly security around the world, because I think Joe Biden is a very full plate going into 2022,” Chaffetz said, adding a dig at the idea of vaccine passports as well. “I also think privacy will be a major theme, an issue, you need to show papers in this country in order to go into a restaurant. Those types of things will be right near the top of the agenda.”

The Wall Street Journal’s Catherine Lucey weighed in next, saying that the Biden administration was going to need to convince Americans in 2022 that they were capable of bring both the economy and the pandemic under control.

“The other thing I’ll be watching really closely that you mentioned earlier in the show is what happens with schools in 2022. If we see anymore widespread, you know, return to virtual learning. We’ve seen a lot of parent frustration over that, that really played in the Virginia governor’s race, I think that something we can keep a close eye on,” Lucey added.

“I think it’s a safe prediction that we will be back here in a year talking about Donald Trump,” the Washington Post’s Charles Lane said, noting that Republicans in 2022 primary races might be measured by their support for the former president. “His shadow continues to lie over the whole political system and the whole political future of the Republican Party especially. There will be Republican primaries coming up next year for his candidates will be on the ballot and they will test his influence.”

Lane went on to say that foreign policy could easily take center stage in 2022, adding, “Very often when a president stalls out in his domestic agenda, foreign events start to take over, and the issue of Europe, the stability of Ukraine and the possibility of war between Russia — an invasion of Ukraine by Russia is already under covered under could be a huge story next year.”

Chaffetz rounded out the discussion with his final prediction: scandal.

“Scandal. Just last week the Secret Service said 100-plus billion dollars was scammed and a lot of the payments going out there, there are a lot of scandals out there going out across this administration, and I think those will be a lot of surprise issues and they will be coming up and they are underway right now,” Chaffetz concluded. “Look out, because they are coming.”

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