In a press conference on Tuesday, Democrats urged for reporters to focus more on reporting the details of the Build Back Better Act, rather than reporting the endless negotiations surrounding the legislation package.

Members of the House Democratic Party and Communications Committee were asked during the press conference whether the Democratic Party needs to change their messaging strategy, so that Americans could come to understand the two hefty bills they hope to pass: the Build Back Better Act and the Bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, according to Fox News.

Co-chair of the committee, Representative Ted Lieu, responded to the question by saying it would be "helpful" if reporters could write more about the substance of these bills.

"We’re also in a really different information ecosystem than we were in even a decade ago," he said. "You know, QAnon folks believe that JFK is going to magically reappear pretty soon. So that is sort of what we're dealing with.

"And we do, in part, rely on all of you to convey the truth and actual facts," he added. "And if you all want to write about this amazing tax cut for families and children that's really transformative, that would be really helpful."

Representative Joe Neguse objected to the media’s focus on the legislative process, saying it "obfuscates away from the substance" of the bills.

"Most of the coverage right now and the better part of the last few months has been on process, which of course, makes sense because we are engaged in a complex legislative process to get these bills across the finish line," he said.

"But that, in some respects obfuscates away from the substance of these incredibly important, consequential pieces of legislation that will have lasting impact on the American people and American families," Neguse continued.

Representative Hakeem Jeffries said the committee plans to message with "simplicity and repetition about all the good, big, transformative, bold things that we have done for the American people," according to Fox News.

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