Crumbley parents have been arrested in Detroit. Fox News just reported at 2:17 am.




U.S. Marshals are on the scene…









Attorney for Crumbley family says they are not fleeing from law enforcement.  ‘They left town previously and are in the process of returning to be arraigned.’





The parents were scheduled to surrender at 2 p.m. Friday for a 4 p.m. court appearance, but they have not appeared, according to a source briefed on the case. The sheriff’s fugitive task force is now looking for them and a “be on the lookout” has been issued. It’s not clear if it’s a mistake or they are on the run, the source said.


Sheriff just said on Fox News at 3:36 pm, that a ‘manhunt is underway for the parents.’






Parents have been charged with 4 counts each




Watch Live Press Conference from Oxford Michigan

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