According to a report from the Gateway Pundit, an investigation into the votes cast in Wisconsin for the 2020 election found that over 40,000 votes were cast without having to show proof of identification.

For the sake of perspective, the margin of victory for the state was around 20,000 votes.

More than 100,000 votes for Joe Biden wound up dropping in the middle of the night on Election Night 2020 – and there has yet to have been a solid rationalization delivered by officials for how or why that occurred.

OANN’s Christina Bobb, who has been monitoring the vote audit in Wisconsin extensively, took to Twitter on October 22nd with the following:

“Wisconsin audit findings: 44,272 individuals voted without proof of ID. The margin of victory in on 20,000.”

Matt Batzel, who serves as the national executive director of American Majority, took to Twitter as well to share his thoughts on the Wisconsin audit:

“Wisconsin Legislative Audit Bureau discovers rampant missing information on absentee ballots envelopes. 6.95% of ballot envelopes they reviewed were missing some witness information. Represents tens of thousands of ballots.”

“’We found that WEC’s administrative rules for training municipal clerks have not been updated since June 2016 and contain outdated provisions.’ !!”

Batzel also shared a screenshot from the report that noted that at least four instances of double voting were discovered during the audit, with Batzel expressing alarm over why their system wasn’t flagging said activity during the election:

“This seems like a problem! Why is their system not flagging double voters? It shouldn’t take a review to show that. The report indicates some clerks didn’t even follow up on records with errors.”

And apparently, over 12,000 people who were deceased were still on the voter rolls within Wisconsin in tie for the election in 2020.

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