The Ontario NDP will campaign on raising the minimum wage to $20 per hour in the next election.

In a news release to the media on Tuesday, the NDP said that "whether you are stocking grocery store shelves or cleaning a hospital you deserve respect. All workers deserve respect."

"Respect means paying people a wage that pays the bills," they added.

The NDP hopes to achieve this minimum wage by 2026, with slow increases every year building up to this figure. The minimum wage will be increased by a dollar every year.

Due to Canada's vast labour shortage, wages may increase substantially without government interference.

The NDP leader Andrea Horwath noted that this plan was not immediate, but a slow plan that will accommodate businesses.

Earlier in November, Premier Doug Ford announced that he would reinstate a $15 minimum wage that he cancelled just after his 2018 election.

"This change would mean a full-time minimum wage worker could see a raise of $1,350 a year. This change would also see liquor servers and the hospitality sector treated more fairly by increasing their minimum wage from $12.55 to $15 an hour," said the premier to reporters.

This wage hike was reinstated in response to Trudeau's inflation, which has now reached a dizzying 4.7 percent. This is the highest level of inflation since 2003.

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