If anything came out of the testimony from Attorney General Merrick Garland, it’s the fact that the politicization of intel agencies by political hacks has taken over. Also, it’s clear that AG Merrick Garland is in over his head and is just a body like Biden is in the presidency.

Senator John Kennedy is the best at questioning during hearings. He uses his folksy personality to disarm people and then hits them with a hammer. He’s a gem.

Watch below as Senator Kennedy asks Attorney General Merrick Garland about why a U.S. Attorney proposed that repeated calls by parents to schools could be criminal behavior even without threats. AG Garland said he hadn’t seen the memo. The bigger question should be, what has AG Garland seen? He didn’t seem to know about much during both House and Senate questioning.

“Well, isn’t this special.”


Hats off to Senators Tom Cotton and Ted Cruz for their brutal questioning of AG Garland.

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