Several key GOP lawmakers are making changes and amendments to state rules for unemployment benefits, allowing people who have quit or lost their jobs due to vaccine mandates to receive unemployment insurance. This is not something that is available for people who leave their employment of their own volition or those who are terminated for cause.

Such changes have already been made in the states of Tennessee, Kansas, Iowa and Florida. In addition, some states of also passed laws mandating exemption cases on religious or philosophical grounds for the federal vaccine mandate for businesses with more than 100 employees, or simply banning vaccine mandates altogether.

According to Axios, "Legal uncertainty created by a wide variety of new vaccine exemptions in Florida – including for past COVID-19 infections and 'anticipated future pregnancy' – prompted Disney World to suspend its vaccine mandate on Tuesday."

At the federal level, Republican lawmakers have also been very active, with Sen. Mike Braun (R-IN) directly challenging the Biden vaccine mandate by invoking the Congressional Review Act. This act is the legal framework by which Congress can undo a previous executive order by a president.

As well, Axios continues to report that, in total, "at least 20 bills have been introduced to chip away at Biden's mandates."

And finally, on Friday, people pushing back against the vaccine mandate received a boost, as a US Court of Appeals approved a request for a stay of the order, as the case makes its way to an appeal, or until March 2022.

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