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He rose to Twitter fame after a series of exchanges w/Sarah Silverman, who’s attention gave him what he needed to “see the light” and go from full blown Trump supporter to progressive Democrat.
The changes seemed miraculous. So much so that @Newsweek did a story on how the self-proclaimed “Trump Troll” turned over a new leaf— almost over night. It was amazing, a MAGA devotee turned Elizabeth Warren supporter? Unheard of!
The political temperature at the time was palpable and Democrats couldn’t get enough of his turn around story— they ate it up. But what should have been 15 minutes of fame, grew into something more, and it gave Weissman the platform he always craved.
A Twitter account that started with a few thousand followers and tweets that received little and often no attention at all, exploded to over 300k. But what most people don’t know is that the story Weissman crafted about his politics and military career may be a bit of a stretch.
For starters, Weissman has gone to great lengths to hide the fact that he was a Democrat before he was a Trump supporter. Who cares? People switch parties all the time. Well, he was getting so much attention for being a new convert that it didn’t fit into his narrative.
According to his wife, he was a Democrat when they met way back in ‘03. He even Tweeted about it. He was a registered Democrat in Florida & when this was uncovered, he Tweeted to the Brevard Co. Registrar to correct the “mistake”. He wanted to make it look like he wasn’t lying.
He’s even made contradicting Tweets about his parents political affiliations. When he was a Republican, his parents were Democrats. Now that he’s a Democrat, his parents are “Republicans”. Makes for a better story, right? But according to his wife, they’ve always been Democrats.
At some point David moved his family to Israel and became a Trump supporter. The timeline is sketchy b/c his own timeline doesn’t add up. I’ve scoured 100’s of Tweets dating back to 2016. His own Twitter page says he was a Trump supporter for exactly 2 years.
As for his military service, many veterans have voiced concern w/how often David Tweets about it, which is almost daily. When he claimed to be a combat veteran some quickly took issue b/c he was actually a chaplain’s assistant. Later, “combat” disappeared from his timeline.
Here’s a little known fact, David actually started out in the Oregon Nat’l Guard, because according to his wife, he didn’t meet the requirements to enlist in the Army. Once the war in Afghanistan started— he and other National Guardsman were deployed with the Army.
But after serving for 13 years, Weissman didn’t leave the Army, he was actually kicked out. He was booted — failure of physical standards.  (See attached, line 28.)
But that’s not even the biggest bombshell— while in Israel, David racked up massive amounts of debt, debt he couldn’t repay. And with a troubled marriage, three children, one of whom is severely handicapped, David appeared to be desperate to escape Israel and flee to the US. 
What he did next is jaw dropping! Because of the debt, he wasn’t allowed to leave Israel and the country issued what’s called a “No Exit Order”. It seems that Weissman then crafted a plan to deceive his wife, his debters, the Israeli government and the US Army. 
He sent an email to his buddy in the New York Army Recruiting office & asked him to write a letter for David’s return. The letter, dated 11/19/18, read “David Weissman will need to immediately report to our office to re-enlist into the United States Army”. The letter was a lie.
David then got a loan for the debt in his wife’s name and the “No Exit Order” was transferred to her. So In a letter to debtors, he essentially used his wife as collateral to get out of Israel.
He then left for the US. He Tweeted over & over about returning to the Army, this went on for about 2 years. There was no recall. The letter was a fake. While he Tweeted that he was too old to return to the Army— it was all a lie. I’m not sure why the @USArmy hasn’t acted. 
Like many, I bought into David. Hook. Line. And Sinker. When I came across his story, I thought he held some roll in the Dem Party, b/c that’s how he portrayed himself. But when I did some digging, I realized that he was just a guy who lives w/his parents and Tweets all day. 
David has no political influence or pull, he has no official role in the Democratic Party, he holds no political office or job, and no one outside of Twitter knows him. I’ve even asked around in political circles in Washington, DC and no one has ever heard of him. 
But he has been successful at creating his own cult of personality. Despite numerous allegations and evidence of misdeeds, people on Twitter have defended him. 
It’s ironic that a man who once idolized Trump used the same tactics to capture a social media audience and blind them to any wrongdoing. But believe me, this Twitter Emperor has no clothes. 
For those of you still participating in his retweet rooms, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. 
Please Note: I have been following & investigating this since April 2021. As a former reporter I have done my best to be accurate and fair. I have taken great care and time to watch and dig as deep as I could to find the truth. I only did so because so many people were concerned. 
David has deactivated but he will be back. When he returns, he will apologize and say that he has done some reflection and has changed. He has done this multiple times. This is a pattern. DO NOT be fooled. 
Omg whose, not who’s. 

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