Tulsi Gabbard, Former Democratic Hawaii Rep, went on “Fox News Primetime” and discussed how Democratic and Republican lawmakers are in danger of being destroyed by the “establishment elite” if they continue to stand on principles.

“This is a bigger problem than Democrats or Republicans. This is about the establishment elite trying to hold on to their power and continue to increase it. And the mainstream media is a powerful arm of that establishment elite,” she continued, noting that politicians are either “with them, agreeing with them, supporting them, carrying the water for them.” – Tulsi Gabbard.

Tulsi discussed how the elite would turn on you when they see you as a threat to their power and will go to any means necessary to keep you quiet.

“The elite will “target you, censor you, demonize you, and call you a domestic terrorist and stick the attorney general on you. Seeing you as a threat to their power and, therefore, the enemy.” – Tulsi Gabbard

Gabbard emphasized the importance of having caring and compassionate leaders who are invested in helping the country and the people who live in the country. Unfortunately, the leadership in place right now is not invested in helping the American people.

Gabbard criticized California Democratic Rep Maxine Waters for using race to divide the country. She also pointed out how Biden’s immigration policy has failed and that he needs to consider using some of Donald Trump’s policies to avoid an open border.

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