President Trump has become the favorite to win the election in 2024, as Biden falls behind and faces challenges with his domestic agenda. As the Las Vegas Journal notes, Trump surpassed Joe Biden last week – with betting markets giving Trump a 20% chance of winning in 2024 vs. Biden at 19% and Kamala at 13%.


“It’s a pretty staggering development to find a defeated one-term president taking over as favorite from the incumbent who beat him, but we know by now that Donald Trump is no ordinary politician,” said head of political markets, Matthew Shaddick.  “It’s early days, but the latest market signals suggest there is a strong chance we could be heading for a Biden vs. Trump rematch in 2024 with Trump currently having a very slight edge.”


At Ladbrokes, Trump is a +350 favorite over Biden (also 4-1 odds), and Harris 5-1.


“Trump’s odds have been improving all year and in particular since Biden’s poll ratings began declining this summer. There is no sign of Republican voters deserting him, and he leads every primary poll by a distance.”





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