Conservatives broke woke.

We gave it a cauliflower ear.

Lefties came up with woke to describe everything through the lens of racism. The Oxford English Dictionary in 2017 added this definition to the word, "Alert to injustice in society, especially racism."

At the time, journalist Ann-Derrick Gaillot celebrated and wrote, "Dictionaries don’t create language. Communities of people do."

Now the lefty community has disowned the word it created because the conservative community shoved it right back at them.

Woke is now racist.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez tweeted on November 5, "The average audience for people seriously using the word 'woke' in a 2021 political discussion are James Carville and Fox News pundits. So that should tell you all you need to know."

Carville blamed the Virginia election loss for Democrats on the party being too woke. 

Matt Lewis took her to task for criticizing Carville, writing, "But Carville is in touch with the broader electorate, which is not representative of AOC’s New York district."

Lewis did admit, though, that conservatives killed the word woke.

He wrote, "In fairness, I can understand why AOC and other progressives are unhappy with the way 'woke' has been co-opted. Over the years, a lot of black slang has been absorbed into the mainstream. And usually, that’s all good. But with 'woke,' the term is now being weaponized against the people who coined it."



We mocked the hell out of woke as well as the concept that everything is racist until the word itself -- and the ideology behind it -- became ridiculous in the eyes of the general public.

We had help from AOC.

On May 22, 2019, the New York Post reported, "Bronx-Queens Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has taken aim at cauliflower, claiming that growing the vegetable in community gardens in nonwhite neighborhoods is an act of colonialism.

"'When someone says that it’s too hard to do a green space that grows yucca instead of, I dunno, cauliflower or something, what you’re doing is you’re taking a colonial approach to environmentalism,' the 29-year-old freshman congresswoman says in an Instagram video for her proposed Green New Deal economic-stimulus package.

"'And that is why a lot of communities of color get resistant to certain environmentalist movements — because they come with a colonial lens on them.'"

She's so woke, she won't eat cauliflower.

The story pointed out yucca also is not native to New York, but who needs facts when you are battling racism and colonialism?

OED needs to update its definition of woke to add, "A college student or recent graduate who shows off the ignorance he learned in college."

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