Yet another video of yet another accident involving Autopilot has surfaced. In this case, the fault of the accident is still up in the air. 

On a YouTube blog called "Wham Bam Teslacam", a new video describes a story about a Tesla Model 3 driver who was on a highway in Kentucky.

The driver approached a semi-truck who had been driving in the same lane for a while on its right hand side. When the vehicle (unclear if it was the drivers' decision or Autopilot's decision) attempted to pass the truck on the right, in its blind spot, the truck clipped the Tesla's trunk.

The Tesla then spun sideways and wound up perpendicular in front of the tractor trailer, which pushed it for miles down the road, according to the video.

Autopilot warned the driver, the video says, but it was "too late".

Autopilot attempted to "steer away from the truck" but the force of the truck was too much, the video said.

"Blind spots are dangerous," the video's narrator says. 

The truck driver was found to be at fault, the video says. This is likely for not checking his blind spot while changing lanes. However, the logistics behind the Tesla winding up in the semi's blind spot to begin with are unknown. 

You can watch the video here:

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