The entire transit system of New York City will seem like it’s under siege by terrorists releasing chemical and biological weapons of mass destruction for the last two weeks of October, thanks to what the feds are calling necessary rehearsals in case the real thing happens. As if nobody can imagine what would happen if one of the most populated metropolitan cities of America suddenly came under deadly gas attack, and everyone starting choking to death and dropping like flies. What are we practicing here, how to trample people to death for real during rehearsal? Will Biden announce this so nobody thinks these insane (staged) terrorist attacks are real?

Calling all crisis actors, get your practice run-through of the script before the “real” staged event of biological warfare in New York’s subway system occurs, according to the feds who say they are deploying non-toxic gas so they can test for biological attack “preparedness.” Rehearsals for gassing millions of subway travelers to death begins now.

Get ready world, to practice panicking over staged toxic gas attacks because the Department of Homeland Security simply can’t imagine how it would go

What about the travelers who don’t know it’s just “a test?” Millions of Americans are suffering from myocarditis right now from the Covid clot shots, so let’s hope they don’t collapse from a heart attack if they think the practice gassing event is real.

Remember, once the feds plan for a crisis and literally act it out, with actors, fake critical injuries, phony EMT on the scene, sirens, screaming, crying, running, visible gas or that which you can smell, usually a similar “real” event happens within a few weeks.

When that happens, the official narrative always comes out too soon, and gets dismantled by truth media. Pay close attention to these false flag, “practice” gassing events they’re planning on US soil Oct 18th through 29th, 2021. People could easily die during these insane staged events.

Anyone in the vicinity of “testing operations” should know the gas is non-toxic, like they said about the Covid vaccines and opioids

Nothing to see here folks. Just a federal preparedness “study” to get ready for the rest of the “events” they’re planning. “Non-toxic” gas will be deployed in over 100 New York City locations, including transit. There are three MAJOR airports in NYC, aren’t they considered “transit?” Next they’ll tell everyone that their Covid masks protect them from the gas anyway, which could have more billions of nanoparticles in it, just like the clot-shot Covid jabs.

That’s right, the Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) is working hard with DHS (and surely the FBI) to prepare for the fake gassing events all over New York City, where at least half the population will have no idea why it looks like there’s a terrorist attack happening. Never mind people’s jobs, safety and mental health during this Covid pandemic, because the feds need to practice real-life concentration-camp-style executions of millions of New Yorkers in order to be ready for the real thing, which they obviously believe is coming soon to a “theatre” near you.

Run for your lives! – Just kidding. It’s practice, so don’t have a heart attack or a stroke. A team of researchers are behind this, along with city agencies, and “most of the locations” will be above ground, which means expect the subways to be fake-attacked. It is confirmed that several subway stations will be tested.

The staged terror attack not everyone knows about will simulate “the aerosol release of a biological agent in a densely populated urban environment” and “track movement of non-toxic material,” after which the results from these tests will be analyzed so the feds can “learn more about the relationship between airflow in street level and underground environments,” according to MTA officials. Seriously, this is what population reductionism has come to in America.

These fake gas-you-to-death events in NYC are only a small part of the ongoing “testing” under the new secretive federal campaign called the “Urban Threat Dispersion” program, where crisis actors will be on television describing how they smelled the gas, or got dizzy, or grabbed their children and just ran for safety. Other tests like this were already run under this program a few years back in Washington D.C. and Boston.

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