Wise words from Neil Oliver.


We are not stupid and we must not let the Government treat us as though we are. I watch world leaders speaking on TV and I wonder how stupid they all think we are.


Take our own prime minister Boris Johnson. He was on Sky News this week and acknowledged that while the vaccine, offers a level of “protection against illness and death” it “doesn’t protect you against catching the disease and it doesn’t protect you against passing it on.“


Surely that sentence right there means vaccine passports would be meaningless and pointless. Even if the day comes when every single person in the UK – from newborn babies upwards – has received the vaccines – the virus, assuming our prime minister’s statement is to be trusted, will continue to be spread among the population. Knowing that someone has been vaccinated will make no difference to whether or not you might catch Covid from them – or whether you might pass Covid on.


The inference to be drawn from Mr Johnson’s words is that the virus will continue to pass between vaccinated and unvaccinated alike. It may reasonably be inferred, therefore, that continued talk of vaccine passports is not about controlling the spread of the virus – rather it must be about controlling the movement of people seeking only to go about their law-abiding business.


You can’t go to a large event in Scotland without a vaccine passport – but 30,000 VIPs and hangers on at the upcoming Climate Conference in Glasgow face no such restriction.


I ask again – how stupid do they think we are? Mr Johnson went straight on from that significant sentence to urging everyone to go and get their booster shots – which is to say, a third dose of one of the vaccines.



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