LGBTQ organizations and politicians fiercely oppose a Spanish hospital doctor’s diagnosis of a woman as “homosexual.”

A Washington Post report notes that Alba Aragón visited General Universitario Reina Sofía hospital in Murcia Spain, and consulted with a gynecologist on October 4. During the appointment, Aragón shared her sexual orientation was homosexual. 

“I told him that I was gay because I thought it would be an important fact at the time of prescribing any treatment or determining the diagnosis,” said Aragón, who was seeing a gynecologist for the first time and wanted to ensure that her doctor, Dr. Eugenio López had a complete personal and medical history on file.

Aragón, age 19, reports she later found out that Dr. Eugenio López diagnosed her with an “illness” of homosexuality, and that this information was in her clinical file. The revelation angered Aragón, who does not believe homosexuality is an illness, nor should the designation be in her medical records.

Aragón reports, “I thought it was incredible that…in the 21st century, these types of beliefs continue to exist.”

Local LGBTQ groups sided with Aragón, and filed a complaint against the hospital denouncing “LGBTIfobia” and referencing “Aragón’s sexual orientation an illness.” The complaint demanded redaction of all such references from her medical records.

Aragón also requested an apology from the hospital.

Dr. Eugenio López has responded by stating that the reference to homosexuality as an illness in her medical records was a mistake, insisting that he “clicked the wrong button” when inputting data.

“What can I do?” said Dr. López. “It was a huge slip-up. I’m a human being. I clicked the wrong button.” The hospital accepts the doctor’s denial and has apologized to Alba Aragón, insisting it was an honest mistake.

The local health department (Murcia’s Consejería de Salud) reports the hospital has opened an investigation into the incident.

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