Over the weekend, hundreds of Southwest flights were canceled without any notice.

Not wanting to cause alarm, it was reported that the flights were canceled due to bad weather in Florida.

But that narrative was shattered just by looking at the weather report. Then the truth leaked that Southwest was having a hard time finding pilots due to the COVID-19 vaccine mandate they had put into effect. Although companies and liberal media try to convince Americans more and more people are getting vaccinated – they’re not. Now, Southwest CEO Gary Kelly admits he’s never been in favor of companies imposing mandates on employees. 

In the video below, Kelly stands up for the rights of individuals by claiming he has never been in favor of placing mandates, like the COVID-19 vaccine, on his staff. Kelly even admitted that he is being forced by the vaccine mandate announced by President Joe Biden on September 9th.

While Kelly tries to place the blame on Biden, it should be noted that the President just announced the mandate. No such rule has been issued by the Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Still, while Biden’s mandate was nothing but words, companies are using it to pass the blame for their own decisions. 

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