Excellent defense of Thomas Jefferson


Mayoral nominee Curtis Sliwa blasted Mayor Bill de Blasio and the City Council during a rally Thursday questioning if the desire to remove a statue of Thomas Jefferson at City Hall is necessary.


“With everything that’s gone wrong in the city of New York, is this really the most pressing issue in the city now in the waning days of de Blasio’s failed mayorship?” Sliwa asked.


“This statue of Thomas Jefferson should remain in its rightful place as it has for 186 years — through depression, through war, through peace, through all kinds of problems, in good times and bad times.”


“We are going down a slippery slope,’ Sliwa warned. “When you go to Wall Street, what is it that looms over all the visitors, all the commercial and capital business that takes place each day? The statue of George Washington. Should that be removed and put into moth balls in storage? Are we going to do that to the Thomas Jefferson statue? Are we completely losing our minds and forgetting our history?”



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