On September 12, 1683, forces led by King John III Sobieski of Poland swept into Austria and defeated the Ottoman Empire's army at Kahlenberg Mountain, which ended the Ottoman siege of Vienna. The Poles saved Europe from Muslim domination.

438 years later, the Poles may save Europe from bureaucratic domination.

The Telegraph reported, "The European Union risks collapse or becoming a dictatorship if it continues to blackmail Warsaw over fears of Polexit, the Polish prime minister said on Monday.

"In a letter to EU leaders, Mateusz Morawiecki accused the bloc of punishing and starving Poland with threats to withhold £48 billion of Covid recovery funds in a row over the supremacy of European law.

"The Polish Constitutional Court ruled that its rules superseded EU law, which contradicts the bloc's founding treaties, on October 8. EU leaders are set to discuss the crisis at a Brussels summit this week."

Well, of course Polish law supersedes EU rules.

Or should.

Selling out Polish sovereignty should cost more than £48 billion -- a lot more.

Poles were ruled by Nazis and communists from 1939 to 1991. Joining EU was a huge unforced error. The Poles could not hold off the Nazi and Soviet armies that invaded on September 1, 1939, but they sure as the devil were not forced to surrender to EU on May 1, 2004. They did so voluntarily.

Now they realize they were trapped.

They want out.

EU won't let them go.

The Telegraph reported, "The European Union will not survive if Poland wins its rule-of-law battle with Brussels, EU leaders have today warned."

Oh boy!

The story continued, "The European Commission will move to punish Warsaw for challenging the primacy of EU law, as Ursula von der Leyen, its president, accused it of 'calling into the question the foundations of the European Union.'

"In an unprecedented attack on a member state, Mrs. von der Leyen said Brussels had various tools to bring Poland into line, including withholding tens of billions of euros from the EU’s budget and coronavirus recovery fund or stripping the country of its basic membership rights."  

She said, "We cannot and we will not allow our common values to be put at risk. The Commission will act. This ruling calls into question the foundations of the European Union. It is a direct challenge to the unity of the European legal order."

It is not a Rule of Law debate. What liberals mean when they cite Rule of Law is failure to obey their commands, commands they themselves often ignore. Look at all those mask mandates and other covid restrictions that Democrat presidents, governors, and mayors repeatedly ignore.

CNBC reported, "Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki didn’t back down."

Well, he cannot back down. The highest court in his land made a decision. He is compelled to uphold that decision. That is the real Rule of Law. Sovereigns cannot disobey court orders.

What would good King Sobieski do?

Exactly this.

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