The developer of a new COVID-19 pill, Merck, says their drug is effective against all of the COVID-19 variants.  What a surprise that a company poised to make billions of dollars if they can convince people to take their product says it works.

The antiviral drug molnupiravir, is likely to be effective against known variants of the coronavirus, including the dominant, highly transmissible Delta, the company said on Wednesday, according to a report by Reuters. Since molnupiravir does not target the spike protein of the virus – the target of all current COVID-19 vaccines – which defines the differences between the variants, the drug should be equally effective as the virus continues to evolve, said Jay Grobler, head of infectious disease and vaccines at Merck.

If that’s the case, why not cut out the use of the “vaccines”? Oh, was that a question we shouldn’t be asking, overlords?

Molnupiravir is said to instead targets the viral polymerase, an enzyme needed for the virus to make copies of itself. It is designed to work by introducing errors into the genetic code of the virus. Data shows that the drug is most effective when given early in the course of infection, Merck said.

Even if the coronavirus scamdemic was not a massive hoax, which all evidence points to the fact that is, there has been an effective drug out for a long time. It’s use has been suppressed.

Now we have yet another Big Pharma company trying to cash in on the fear and panic the general public is exhibiting. The U.S. drugmaker tested its antiviral against nasal swab samples taken from participants in early trials of the drug. Delta was not in wide circulation at the time of those trials, but molnupiravir was tested against lab samples of the variant behind the latest surge in COVID-19 hospitalizations and deaths.

But it gets better. Merck is also developing a “preventative” treatment for COVID-19 that you are supposed to take before you get an infection. Again, isn’t that what the “vaccines” are for? Is this just another way to get whatever is in those shots into those troublesome “anti-vaxxers?” There are far more questions than real answers these days, unfortunately.

Merck is currently conducting two Phase III trials of the antiviral it is developing with Ridgeback Biotherapeutics – one for treatment of COVID-19 and another as a preventive. And in other shocking news, shares of Merck were up 2.3% at $75.04 on Wednesday afternoon on the New York Stock Exchange.

And we aren’t supposed to question any of this, apparently. Never have so many drugs, shots, and treatments been developed for a disease that even with the ruling classes’ inflated numbers has a less than 1.5% case fatality rate. Even with all the incorrect labeling of deaths, they can’t boost that number higher, So what’s really going? Is it about money, control, or both?

Keep asking the questions. We may not get answers, but those in power think we are stupid and they are treating us as slaves because of it.

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