The state trooper under investigation for the death of an 11-year-old Brooklyn girl during a high speed pursuit in upstate New York just before Christmas, 2020 was involved in two other similar rear-end crashes, Gov. Hochul revealed.

Trooper Christopher Baldner has been under investigation and on desk duty following the December 2020 death of Monica Goods, who died after Baldner’s vehicle struck the SUV she was in twice from behind, causing it to flip over a guardrail.

Monica Goods, 11, celebrates her 5th grade graduation.
Monica Goods, 11, celebrates her 5th grade graduation. (Obtained by Daily News)

Baldner was involved in two other similar crashes in which he rear-ended cars in January 2017 and in September 2019, according to an order Hochul signed Wednesday allowing those instances to be investigated.

Both of those crashes also took place on Interstate 87. There was one person in the civilian vehicle in the 2017 crash, and three people in the civilian car in the 2019 crash. The extent of any injuries was not detailed in Hochul’s order.

Goods’ father Tristin Goods previously told the Daily News Baldner pulled him over on Interstate 87 for speeding, argued with him and then sprayed the interior of his SUV with pepper spray, hitting him, his girlfriend, Monica, and her sister Tristina. The dad said he drove off in fear for his family’s safety, before Baldner rammed him twice.

Hochul’s order allows Attorney General Letitia James to take over the investigation of the 2017 and 2019 collisions, and allows her office to present evidence to an Ulster County Grand Jury.

If the grand jury indicts Baldner or anyone else in the collisions, James’ office will prosecute the case, the order says. Hochul’s order says Ulster District Attorney David Clegg does not object to the state’s takeover of the case.

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