No matter how much we love our family, sometimes it’s hard to see eye to eye on certain things. This is when some heated arguments might evolve. Or at least that’s what happened to Reddit user @Saturday-Night1139, who asked people online if he was wrong for kicking out his sister-in-law after she put a lock on the bathroom door and didn’t allow his 16-year-old daughter access because she leaves her used pads in the trash can. This sparked a discussion online, giving an opportunity for people online to share their views on the matter.

It’s not always easy to get along with family members, but there is always a way to settle things

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The Reddit user started his story by introducing his family. The man lives with his wife and daughter from his first marriage. Together with them live his widowed sister-in-law and her two teenage boys. The man revealed that for quite some time, it was all working out.

A user online asked others whether he was wrong for asking his SIL to move out after she refused to let his daughter use the bathroom

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Until one day the SIL complained that the man’s daughter was leaving her used pads in the bathroom where her sons could see them. The user said that he asked her where, particularly, the daughter left them, and found out that she used the bathroom trash can. Once he heard more about the situation and realized that nothing wrong happened here, he still talked with his daughter about it.

The problem started when the man’s SIL asked his daughter not to throw away used pads in the bathroom trash can

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After the conversation, the man learned that his daughter in fact made sure that the trash that she was throwing away that seemed to bother the SIL and her two sons wasn’t “on display.” The girl would even wrap the pads in toilet paper. However, the SIL kept picking on the daughter and asked if maybe she could throw these things away somewhere else, but this idea seemed really ridiculous.

The man talked to his daughter and realized that his SIL was being too dramatic about this situation

The woman decided to not let the girl in as she refused to stop using the trash can to throw away her used pads

After another argument, the man decided to ask his SIL and her two kids to leave their house for harassing her daughter

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The situation took a further turn the next day when the father received a call from his daughter. The girl told him that once she got back from school, she couldn’t go to the bathroom as it was locked by her step-aunt, so she was forced to use their neighbor’s bathroom instead. This made the man really upset, so when he got home, he and his SIL had an argument. The woman said that she would only allow the girl to use the bathroom if she agreed to leave the used pads somewhere else, to which the daughter, of course, disagreed.

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The user revealed that he got mad to the point where he asked his SIL and her kids to move out, giving them 6 days to do so. His wife was against it as she knows how hard it has been for her sister who is a widow and has two kids to take care of. However, the man decided he’d rather support his daughter and his family rather than deal with his SIL’s demands.

People online were also supportive of the man’s decision to do what is best for his daughter and not for someone who is just a guest at their house. They also noticed some flaws in SIL kids’ upbringing, saying that they are at an age where they should be taught about things such as periods.

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People online agreed with the man and his decision, stating how flawed SIL’s thinking is

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