Jen Psaki’s job becomes more and more untenable every hour. She is literally unable to give a straight answer to any question, because to do so would give the game away. This was readily apparent Monday as Fox News reporter Peter Doocy asked her to explain why Joe Biden was seen once again flouting his own mask mandate at the weekend, and to explain how President Trump’s travel bans were ‘xenophobic’ but now Biden’s are not.

Addressing Doocy’s question about Biden banning people coming into the States from Africa, Psaki said “Well, I would say first to put it in context, Peter. What the president was critical of was the way that the former president put out I believe a xenophobic tweet on how he called, what he called the coronavirus and who he directed it at.”

 “The president has not been critical of travel restrictions,” she added.


That is complete spin, Biden was directly critical of Trump’s travel bans in 2020:

Biden directly suggested that banning people coming from Africa was “designed to make it harder for black and brown people,” to get to America.

Now he’s doing the exact same thing, somehow it’s different?

Turning to the mask incident, Doocy asked “We saw the president shopping indoors on Saturday behind glass that says ‘Face Covering Required’ but his face was uncovered, why?”

Psaki responded, “The president is somebody who follows the recommendations and the advice of the CDC. I don’t know what the circumstances were of that particular moment.”

She continued, “I think you see the American people and all of you see the president wearing a mask every time he comes out to an event.”

Well, no, that was the entire point of the question, he wasn’t wearing it.

Psaki continued her straight up lies, adding “certainly he will continue to model behavior he hopes the American people will follow, not for his benefit, but for their own lives and the lives of their friends and neighbors.”

Endless spin and lies that only a cult member cannot immediately identify.

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