… That concern is now evident.  As if, it wasn’t before.   The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) highlights, in a single marketing and branding snapshot today, that cultural politics is the underlying ideological premise behind their policy.   The CDC fundamental mission is not about science, it’s about something else.

These are marketing and branding decisions made by institutional officials inside the top tiers of the organization itself.  In the middle of a pandemic, where a large portion of population has questions about how the CDC politicizes science, this vaccine marketing example passes all layers of approval from within the institution. 

When an organization shows you their priority, accept it.

Beyond the hypocrisy leftists are known for; in this example pregnancy now highlighted as an actual human baby, which is a cornerstone the same cultural leftists deny; the message being transmitted in their marketing is: yes, cultural politics drives our public health policy.

When you consider that deep inside the political and cultural debate, the history of the battle is littered with well documented unintended consequences; and then overlay that truth against the political push to vaccinate a population with no long-term testing for side-effects; the vaccine hesitant will likely run even faster away from any effort to inject an unknown substance into their body.

The people inside the CDC as an institution are not stable.  CTH has been pointing this out since Anthony Fauci first came into view.

Again, look at this internal communication.  Stable people committed to any profession, ANY PROFESSION, do not write things like this:


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