An Emergency Room nurse fired for not taking the shot after his religious exemption was denied has spoken candidly to LifeSiteNews about what he saw on the so-called frontlines during the COVID-19 crisis. 

In a video interview published yesterday, former Valley Health System nurse Brad McDowell spoke to LifeSite correspondent Jim Hale about the contrast between what he has witnessed and the story being told by the media regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. 


“The narrative that we’re being told didn’t really line up with reality,” McDowell stated. “Most people of working age aren’t of a risk [for contracting COVID].” 

Addressing the COVID vaccine lobby’s position that receiving the experimental jab is doing your obligatory part “for humanity,” McDowell said that the risks associated with receiving the injections do not outweigh any of the potential benefits. 

“I have a family,” he said. “And what good am I to my family if I get injured from a vaccine?” 

The vaccines, which have been touted by the media and public health officials around the world as “safe and effective” have been linked to millions of injuries worldwide and, in at least a few tens of thousands of cases, death.  

Per the World Health Organization’s own database for logging vaccine adverse effects, the COVID-19 vaccines have been linked to over 2 million adverse effects in 2021 alone. 

More alarming, the WHO data shows that young people aged 18-44 are the group with the highest reported incidences of COVID vaccine related injury, whereas the risk of them dying from COVID, barring those with comorbidities, is close to zero 

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