The West Virginia House of Delegates passed a bill Friday morning that would prevent companies from creating widespread Covid vaccine mandates.


House Bill 335, added to the ongoing Special Session by Gov. Jim Justice on Wednesday, would allow anyone to get a medical or religious exemption from their company’s mandate if they do not want to get vaccinated against Covid. It passed the House 68 to 30 after hours of debate.


The bill states that “current or prospective employees would be exempt from such immunization requirements upon the presentation of a certification to the employer, signed by a licensed physician or an advanced practice registered nurse” that has examined the employee stating that their physical condition is such that a Covid immunization is contraindicated.


The bill also said an employer cannot penalize or discriminate against a current or prospective employee for exercising exemption rights based on religious beliefs.


“The bill, as it’s laid forward, is going to require a person to have a certification from their physician or nurse practitioner in order to get that exemption,” lead sponsor Del. Amy Summers said. “They’re not just going to write that themselves and pass that off to their employer, they are going to have to have a certification from one of those individuals.”





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