President Joe Biden became a laughing stock as multiple videos emerged that show him standing like an unplugged robot on stage at the CNN Town Hall and receiving a not-so-warm welcome in Pennsylvania.

To start it off was social media personality Benny Johnson who posted a ‘super cut’ for viewers to get all the Town Hall laughs in one place, and this video is certainly raising some eyebrows.

The footage, spliced together from other video clips of the event, paint Joe Biden in an incoherent fashion, show him making an inappropriate hand gesture, standing like an unplugged animatronic character or a wax statue and even making a statement about a woman that would have church-goers squirm in their seat.

Biden’s Town Hall event was hosted by CNN’s Anderson Cooper, who at one point appears to remind Biden what one of the questions was after Biden’s response might not have matched the question.

Watch Joe Biden in action:

Adding insult to injury were several other anti-Joe Biden videos taking the internet by storm this week, specifically showing Biden’s not-so-warm welcome as the motorcade careened through Scranton, PA.

A decent-sized crowd gave Biden the business as the SUVs and limo rolled down the street. This video requires a profanity warning, so don’t watch it with the volume up if you’re eating dinner with the family.

Watch Scranton folks welcome Biden to town: (** Language warning)

Mockery of Biden wasn’t restrained to just the Town Hall event. The anti-Joe Biden rhetoric spilled onto the House floor when Republican Rep. Bill Posey ended his statement with a bold ‘let’s go Brandon‘ – a well-known euphemism for the popular #FJB chant.

As for how the public feels, the comments certainly let loose without hesitation, echoing the same sentiment towards Biden.

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