Daily Wire's Matt Walsh joined Tucker Carlson on Fox News Monday and announced his new children's book Johnny The Walrus, which takes aim at progressive parents imposing an "identity crisis" on children whom they believe wish to transition gender.

"It's all about a child who's very imaginative," Walsh said. "He likes to pretend to be different things and one day he pretends to be a walrus."

"Unfortunately, his mother is very progressive and thus confused. So she's convinced by the internet and society that if your child is identifying as something then he really is that thing," Walsh continued. "So she tries to raise her son as a trans-walrus, respecting his self-identity."

Walsh told Fox News' Tucker Carlson that although he doesn't want to give away the ending to his new book, things take a dark turn when the mother brings her son to the doctor and they discuss gruesome procedures to transition. However, Walsh said that the mother eventually wakes up from the lunacy.

"Throughout the story she (the mother) does eventually start to learn that just because your child is pretending to be something, doesn't mean that he actually is that thing," Walsh said.

"The point here is that biology is not malleable, it's not relative, it's an objective reality and that's what we have to understand," Walsh explained.

The Daily Wire host said that children have vast imaginations and impressionable minds therefore parents are imposing an "identity crisis" on their children when they let their kids believe that they are a different sex or identity.

Johnny the Walrus is available for purchase at johnnythewalrus.com or on the Daily Wire's website.

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