A 43-year-old emergency medical technician and medical director suffered myriad preexisting conditions that screamed “avoid mRNA and viral vector DNA injections.” Now her future is completely up in the air.

The story of Ms. Charissa Klamn dates back to 2017. She gave birth to her only son and child sometime in February that year. She developed preeclampsia, a potentially fatal complication, during the pregnancy. Preeclampsia causes unusually high blood pressure and vascular endothelial malfunction, meaning the largest heart arteries constrict instead of dilate when they’re supposed to. If left untreated, preeclampsia causes severe damage to organ systems, including the kidneys, liver and heart. It can also cause serious complications to the unborn baby.

The most common treatment for preeeclampsia is induced labor to end the pregnancy early. Ms. Klamn referred to her son as a “premie” in subsequent posts, indicating labor was induced in her pregnancy to mitigate the preeclampsia.

She and her son came through; and Ms. Klamn was posting photos of herself and newborn at home by April 2017.

Medical issues and “single mom”

Ms. Klamn suffers from chronic pain. It’s unclear what exactly the issue is. But she mentioned “the accident in Texas” where she was “hit head on a 70 an hour [sic]” on an interstate.

She receives regular spinal injections and spinal ablations. The latter is a procedure that temporarily blocks pain signals from reaching from brain. Thus the patient gets relief from chronic pain that apparently cannot be treated in any other way. Ms. Klamn posts regular updates about her injections and chronic pain.

Ms. Klamn also makes certain that everyone knows that she is a single mom and “doing it alone.” There are at least 20 more of these in her Facebook timeline.

Her son has “behavioral disorders,” according to her Facebook posts. But she continually reiterates that she has no regrets having a child the “nontraditional way,” meaning without a husband/father. Ms. Klamn has also been unable to work for quite some time due to her chronic pain, further exacerbating the situation. She also suffered from an infection as a result of one of her spinal injections.

Moderna and “vaccines” for her son

Despite all these preexisting conditions, Ms. Klamn received her first Moderna mRNA injection on May 14, according to her Facebook page.

It was apparently a family event. Her 4-year-old son received vaccines on May 13, the day before Ms. Klamn received the Moderna injection. The man in the photo is named Chris, who is Ms. Klamn’s boyfriend.

It’s unclear when she received the second Moderna injection. But if Health Canada protocols were followed, she received the second injection 21 to 28 days later. Coincidentally or otherwise, Ms. Klamn spoke of her son’s “peak ADHD” just two weeks after his vaccine photos.

She reported losing a total of 24 pounds by August 23, in hopes of mitigating her chronic pain. Ms. Klamn also posted several photos of her and Chris out on dates, and “family photos” of all three of them, over the summer. She also referred to Chris as her son’s dad at least three times in Facebook posts. Her summer appeared to be all peaches, cream and vacations based on Facebook posts. But social media is not reality, as she soon revealed.

The truth comes out

Ms. Klamn posted a call for people to donate blood on August 28. It seemed a bit out of the ordinary based on her post history.

That same day, she posted an article about Pfizer mRNA injections causing Bell’s Palsy. She also hinted that she suffered adverse effects from her own Moderna injections.

She became more and more defiant thereafter. Ms. Klamn reported having a blood transfusion on September 3 and spoke her mind about the Centers for Disease Control and other billionaire-controlled organizations.

She finally revealed the full truth on October 7. Her doctor diagnosed her with hemolytic anemia, an autoimmune disorder that causes your body to recognize red blood cells as pathogens, and thus destroys them. That is why she needed the blood transfusion a couple weeks earlier. She was also diagnosed with macrocytic anemia, a condition that causes red blood cells to grow larger than they should be. Doctors told Ms. Klamn that both conditions were caused by the Moderna mRNA injections.

She’s “felt like death” for two months, but said she uses spray tans and happy photos to push through.

Ms. Klamn is accepting the fact that more blood transfusions are forthcoming, and that this is likely her new normal, in addition to all the spinal injections. Now she wishes she never received the Moderna injections.

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