Jaco Booyens, founder of SHAREtogether, warned of pornography’s potential to generate sexual perversions and drive people towards sexual predation of children in an interview on Wednesday’s edition of the Breitbart News Daily podcast with host Alex Marlow.

Booyens described pornography as a potential gateway drug to the world of child sex trafficking.

“We can’t turn [sexuality] off,” he said. “We’re all sexual beings, so when there’s a perversion of your sexuality, it’s a dangerous place, because it’s internal. It’s not an external drug.”

He cautioned of a potential progressive descent into an appetite for sexual depravity via pornographic consumption. He contrasted the content and availability of contemporary pornography in the digital era with what was common in the 90s.

He stated, “Pornography is the feeder — 100 percent — because pornography is a very fast-moving drug. You progress very quickly. Unfortunately, today, our youngsters — average boy’s age [is] eight entering porn — they don’t enter porn the way maybe you did, or some of the listeners did, where it was 1995 and you had to go in a gas station and kind of trick the guy that you’re 18 and get a magazine behind the black cover, and in the magazine it was maybe Pamela Anderson with no top on. That was porn.”

He went on, “Today’s porn that a child starts with is gang rape — visual — so they start not with an opioid, comparatively; they start with heroin. They start with a heavy dose of grotesque human abuse. The progression has accelerated so quickly.”

Pornographic consumption is contributing to erectile dysfunction among young men, Booyens held.

“This is why you’re seeing the largest class of erectile dysfunction in males in our country today is men age 18 to 25, because of the abuse they put their own bodies through through porn,” he remarked. “So ultimately, the porn will just not satisfy. They’re going to go buy sex, and they’re going to buy sex from children. We’ve created a massive demand class in our country where men are willing to pay for sex, but they’re willing to pay for sex with minors. Well, how did they get there? They progressed through the ranks so quickly. They didn’t start, of course, with abusing a child. They didn’t start with child porn, but that drug is vicious. You’re going to end up there.”


Booyens said former President Donald Trump was unique relative to his recent presidential predecessors in addressing child sex trafficking.

He stated, “The only guy in Washington, D.C. that lifted a finger to fight sex trafficking was President Trump. I was eye-to-eye with George Bush. We went eye-to-eye with the Obama campaign and administration [and] with the Clinton administration. They did zero. The only guy in Washington, D.C. that said, ‘Okay, the sexual exploitation of children is not okay,’ was President Trump, nobody else at the senior level. So stop looking looking at Washington, D.C.”

Booyens linked the left’s rejection of human sexual dimorphism — and the left-wing linguistic push to frame male and female as arbitrary and subjective categorizations — to a broader campaign of sexualization of children.

He said, “Evil can hide in plain sight when you make the population tolerable to a degree of it. You need nomenclature. Naming and words are so important. Look at what we’re doing today: What’s gender? What’s male-female? You need to soften the language and then society kind of accepts it … because now we’re infiltrating that language, [asking], ‘Well, is sex with a child a taboo? Is it?’ Yes, it is, of course, but they’re asking that question.”

He concluded, “The left is asking that question, such as drag queen story hour; comprehensive sex-ed in the classroom, in kindergarten; lowering the age of consent; puberty blockers for three-year-olds in California under Gavin Newsom. They’re asking these questions of society to normalize it to a degree.”

Booyens is the director and producer of the film 8 Days.

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