Controversial basketball star LeBron James posted what many are saying is a decidedly out-of-character meme on Friday evening, involving COVID and a classic Spiderman cartoon.

The meme, as is pictured in this article's image, went up on LeBron's Instagram and shows a classic scene where Spiderman faces down his clones. The three identical Spidermen are on edge and pointing at each other, and LeBron has captioned them "COVID," "cold," and "flu."

This meshes with a current popular sentiment among the public that the new Omicron variant of COVID 19, touted as a public danger by much of the media, is really just, in essence a glorified common cold.

The meme got 2.2 million likes, and over 43,000 comments to it as of the time of this writing.

What has caused many to turn heads is that the meme appears to be more than slightly out of character for the irascible LeBron James. He has famously taken a pro-China stance on more than one occasion,

As such, it's hard to imagine him doing anything which would even remotely anger Chinese authorities, or go against what many would consider to be their apparent agenda.  

Of course, his recent movie "Space Jam: A New Legacy", wound up being banned from China anyways, despite his constant public support of that country and its institutions.

Barstool Sport's head, Dave Portnoy, also noted that it appears to be a very rare occurrence indeed when he and LeBron can ever agree on an issue. "It happened.   Lebron and I finally agreed on something," tweeted Portnoy:

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