The COVID-19 vaccine continues to make headlines as the Biden administration tries to mandate it for all citizens, including children. Although there is still a great deal that is unknown about the vaccine and the side effects associated with it, the Democrats believe it is the only way to fight the pandemic. Seeing the vaccine as the wave of the future, the government is now promoting average citizens, with no medical background, to become vaccine providers. They even included a video and website to help people sign up. And while that might sound startling, their main focal points in the video are giving upwards of 70 children the vaccine per hour and making around $4,500 doing it. 

The video below is almost too much to watch as the music gives a haunting glimpse into what the pandemic has become. While nobody is discrediting the existence of COVID-19, the Democrats have turned the pandemic into a money-making scheme. As you can see in the video, the website makes sure to point out how much money they have to fund the project. With 5 billion in funds, the website makes the process of being registered almost as easy as voting. 

It should also be noted that since the vaccine was available to the public, many doctors and nurses, who have spent their lives in medicine, have opposed the drug. Yet according to the video, all a person needs to become a vaccine provider is a government license and the ability to inject children with a vaccine that could potentially harm them. 

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