On Friday night, Arizona parents planned on voicing their concerns about mask segregation in schools, in the parking lot of the Sweetwater School.

After planning the protest and even inviting the School Board, the group received an email from a district employee stating that the protesters needed to have an insurance policy in order to practice their first amendment right.

They got an insurance policy that covers $250,000 per person but somehow this was not enough. The school wanted insurance worth $1 million per person.

When the parents and local leaders showed up for their peaceful protest, they were met by school security, who barricaded the parking lot and then called the Phoenix Police for backup.

Arizona State Representative Mark Finchem shared his disdain for these tyrants and their blatant hypocrisy.

The tyrannical educators failed to stop them. The Patriots moved their rally to a nearby public park.

Former State Representative Anthony Kern shared a photo of the rally giving thanks to the attendees.

Arizona Gubernatorial Candidate Kari Lake, again on the front lines of this war against medical tyranny, spoke at the rally and later expressed to the world, this is a hill she will die on.


Liberal Educators and our tyrannical government label these concerned parents “Domestic Terrorists” and they’re even being met with force.

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