Amen sister! I’ve been saying the exact same thing, we need to get some kind of voter reform… Voter registration, serial numbers on the ballots, only paper ballots… And we need to vote every last one of these dirtbags politicians out of office and replace them with citizens… Anybody we put in will be better than what we have. We don’t need people with political education at all, we need citizens in charge!

You are right. When we vote in this system, we perpetuate it. We give credence to it. The original vision of the United States is in tact and has been quite successful. It is just that the institutions have been overrun by outside entities using the force of greed. It is time to move on those people that inhabit the institutions and have betrayed the constitution. We need a full house spring cleaning. We have to sever the money connections which facilitates the greed. The way to accomplish this goal is to pass the law that anyone found guilty selling their position in government in opposition to either the federal or their state constitutions is subject to the death penalty. No war required. No treason required-just betrayal of the constitutions. I wonder how many of these slimy people would shake in their shoes at the passage of that bill with retroactive teeth. Start at the bottom. Take on the weakest with the most force-the people. City councils, school boards, county sheriffs and judges-work our way up the food chain.

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