Things have become so politicized, the experts have conducted themselves so abusively, the politicians have been so authoritarian, the police have been so brutal, the vaccine passports are so invasive, that they really don’t have a reservoir of goodwill anymore. All they have are threats — that’s why people are taking the vaccines now.

Everyone has had a year to think about it. If you wanted it, you got it. Anyone who hasn’t got it yet has a reason, and so if they give up that reason, it’s only because they have a gun to their head. That’s not democracy, and that sure isn’t medicine.

The Ontario government is now recommending males aged 18 to 24 take Pfizer over Moderna as their COVID-19 vaccination due to the number of young men who have experienced myocarditis after getting the vaccine.

That’s a nice way of saying: stop taking Moderna.

In the entire pandemic, going back 18 months, a grand total of 6 people have died under age 20. Out of a population of three million. So, a one in 500,000 risk of death for people under age 20. One in 500,000. And one in 5,000 get heart inflammation.

Imagine taking the Moderna vaccine because you want to be safe. No — at this point, people are taking it so they don’t get fired.

How many people have died because of that?

So are we allowed to talk about any of this? Or only after? How many young men got jabbed, under duress, with Moderna, only to be later told not to do it. Just like with AstraZeneca. And what next?

This isn’t about health. This is about power and control and bullying and peer pressure — and big, big business.

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