Mark Bishofsky is a former Lead Respiratory Therapist. In other words, he’s literally the guy who runs the ventilators in the hospital. But we say former because Mark is stepping away from his job. He says that instead of helping people, he’s seeing them die from improper treatment. They aren’t dying because hospitals are full and doctors can’t care for them. In fact, there are plenty of empty beds. No, Mark says people are dying because doctors insist on using deadly treatments that don’t work. He says he’s seen people die whom he knows would live if they simply weren’t sedated and then intubated.

But while Mark wants to step away, he’s also getting a nudge out the door. He was just escorted out of the hospital he worked at, and he says he was never given an explanation about what he did. He suspects it’s simply that doctors overheard him talking about myocarditis and Ivermectin, and so he had to go.

But without the respiratory therapist, who’s to run the ventilators? Mark has some very worrying thoughts about that question.

He joined the show to discuss.

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