A “breakthrough case” is the term for a person infecting with COVID-19 after they have been vaccinated.  On May 1st the CDC changed the recording and record keeping of COVID-19 breakthrough cases, and stopped tracking them.  The change was announced July 30th .

[…] The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) currently monitors hospitalizations and deaths, from any cause, among fully vaccinated individuals with COVID-19, but not breakthrough infections, which it stopped monitoring as of May 1. CDC presents this data in aggregate at the national level but not by state, and there is no single, public repository for data by state or data on breakthrough infections, since the CDC stopped monitoring them. 

At the time the CDC stopped tracking the incidents of vaccinated persons contracting COVID-19 and being hospitalized, many people wondered why?  Obviously if you stop recording vaccinated persons who are hospitalized, it will look like only unvaccinated persons are being hospitalized by the variants in the CDC records.  That skews the data and gives the false impression that only unvaxxed persons are getting infected and/or sick….

…Which is exactly what happened.

The medical industry and media narrative around the COVID-19 Delta Variant was that unvaccinated people in the U.S. were the majority group at risk.  The data supported that narrative because the breakthrough cases were no longer being recorded.   This makes the vaccine approach look better.  The approach of not counting the breakthrough case hospitalizations also makes the pharmaceutical companies look better; their vaccine looks more appealing & more effective.

However, another angle surfaced today that highlights the strength of the motive to stop recording those breakthrough cases; it also explains why some of the top leadership in the FDA quit their jobs rather than participate.

When the FDA vaccine approval panel was originally instructed to use the efficacy data with the goal of evaluating the booster shot request for the Pfizer vaccination; they were instructed to only look at the data from the U.S.

Knowing the CDC no longer was tracking U.S. breakthrough cases, that meant the FDA vaccine approval panel was only evaluating the Pfizer efficacy and hospitalization issue around the non-vaccinated group.  If this approach had been maintained, they would be making a determination of vaccine efficacy/effectiveness in the U.S. with the key metric omitted: The Pfizer vaccine would look more effective than it actually was, because the vaccinated and hospitalized metric was removed.

That skewed data looks like an intentional decision – for that specific intentional reason.   The CDC was trying to make the vaccines look more effective at avoiding hospitalization.  THAT is a political manipulation by changing a key part of the record-keeping.  THAT looks like the reason for the FDA officials to quit, rather than participate in politically manipulated science.

This scenario turned up today in the FDA rejection of a Pfizer booster, when the FDA vaccine approval panel finally won the argument and was allowed to look at more than just the manipulated U.S. data-set.   Despite the CDC stopping to track the vaccinated and hospitalized data in the U.S., the panel was allowed to consider the vaccinated and hospitalized outcomes from the U.K. and Israel {Source Link}:

[Dr. Peter Marks, the FDA leading expert in vaccines,] – “added the meeting focused on almost real-time analyses compared to what is happening in the world, and the goal remains slowing the spread of COVID-19, which is killing almost 2,000 Americans daily.

The question the advisory panel was originally given to consider only used the U.S. data, a small dataset, despite the presentations including data from the U.K. and Israel.

Marks instructed the panel to consider all the data, noting, “This is not a legal proceeding, this is a science proceeding, so you can take all the data into account.” (link)

By looking at the vaccinated/hospitalized rates in the U.K and Israel, a data-set intentionally not recorded by U.S. health officials, the panel rejected the Pfizer request for a booster shot, noting the efficacy just wasn’t there.  However, if the panel had only looked at the data approved by the CDC, the Pfizer vaccine efficacy would have looked much better because the vaccinated/hospitalized data was intentionally not recorded.

This my friends is how the healthcare of the U.S. is being manipulated by politics and Big Pharma.

This political manipulation also explains why the White House was proceeding with a booster shot distribution plan, even before the FDA vaccine advisory panel gave their opinion. $$$$


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