Canadian alternative media outlet WholeHearted Media released a video through its Instagram channel laying out the human rights dangers that could arise from the implementation of vaccine passports. According to the video, “Vaccine passports could literally lead to rivers of blood.”

The video is presented by Israel Gimba, a Christian evangelist who gave his opinion on historical events that he believes are reminiscent of the current situation in Canada and around the world.  He began the presentation by talking about the plight of the Kulaks under communist dictator Joseph Stalin.

The term Kulak historically refers to wealthy members of the agricultural-peasant class in the regions included in the former Soviet Union. They were a well-respected group in their community that was capable of hiring and paying employees and lending money it needed. They were not socialists or communists, thus the Soviet Union considered them enemies of the state.

The presenter of the video explained that the communists declared an “us versus them” mentality regarding the Kulak population as a way of “liquidating” the group. They were to be deprived of their social status and ripped of their property through coercive measures. Within a short time, the group of wealthy peasants was persecuted heavily through policies that led to economic hardship and alienation from family.

Those who did not relent to the totalitarian agenda of the USSR were sometimes executed, and often exiled to remote regions of Russia. Many Kulaks starved as a result of the policies, and it is argued that the mismanagement of oppression of the agricultural class contributed to the Soviet Famine that killed millions of people in the USSR in 1932-33. 

Gimba then goes on to link the movement of class segregation in Europe to the rise of Adolf Hitler in Germany. Under the Nazi Party, countless Jews and members of other groups were subject to oppressive measures and gruesome deaths as a result of government-sanctioned treatment.

Jordan Peterson explained how Hitler used public health momentum to implement a series of measures in order to ostensibly fight Tuberculosis – a respiratory illness – that he believes paved the way for the corraling of German citizens in concentration camps.

The video then went on to mention the assassination of Rwandan president JuvĂ©nal Habyarimana and Burundian president Cyprien Ntaryamira, both members of the Hutu ethnic group. This incident was at the heart of the movement that became the Rwandan Genocide, which lasted about 100 days, and the number of Tutsis murdered is estimated at more than half a million.

Rwandans were divided into ethnic groups by the Belgian colonial government in 1932-33, an action that historians believe contributed to the brutal genocidal mentality. The policy introduced a rigid racial concept of group identity. The segregation mentality stuck in the Rwandan nation and continued in the post-colonial era.

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