The Tea Party Patriots movement has planned nationwide protests against Joe Biden’s face mask and vaccine passport mandates. In a recent statement, Tea Party Patriots said it would hold at least 60 rallies across the U.S. to stand up to “medical segregation” and “government tyranny.”

The rallies come as part of the “Just Say No” campaign. Tea Party Patriots added forced vaccination with experimental jabs violated the Nuremberg Code, which mandates voluntary consent.

“The time is now today to step up and be a leader and to help us hold on to freedom in this country and to prevent the tyranny that is taking hold and make sure we prevent that from happening in our country,” explained Jenny Beth Martin, honorary chairman of Tea Party Patriots. “That is our big, big call to action. On our website at, you’ll see we have posters.”

Tea Party Patriots have called on all Americans to help plan and organize upcoming rallies to prevent the discrimination against unvaccinated people.

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