While we certainly miss writing about our very favorite parody account EVER, Sean Spicier, getting to cover the REAL Sean Spicer being a total and complete bada*s on Twitter when Jen P-sucky has disrespected him and his years of service is pretty damn AWESOME.

Spicier would be proud.


Background, the Biden administration is acting like a bunch of jackas*es and telling members of these boards who happened to work for Trump they should resign. Because you know, that’s not pathetic or petty AF.

Many of them have responded NOT so in kind.

Hey man, P-sucky said people aren’t stranded in Afghanistan, they wanted to stay there.


Biden is a small man with an even smaller brain.

That seems to be getting smaller but we digress …

This. ^

They want to wussify and woke-ify these programs.

She’s just so awful.



ALL the boom.

In fact there was so much boom, it came around as a bam, and then turned into a boom again.


*yup, doing a little fist-pump right now*

Yeah, Sean still rocks.

But you guys knew that.

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