We bring you yet another thread that doesn’t need much introduction other than it’s a damn good read about COVID, overreach, life, and the suck that is our current government. Definitely worth your time:

Why are we focusing on cases when hospitalizations and deaths are trending down?

What is the endgame here?

Why does Biden always look like he’s surprised?

These are just a few of the questions that keep us awake at night.

St. Fauci, the High Priest of COVID.

Or the angry little COVID gnome, as we like to call him.

And yes, we agree, Trump should have gotten rid of him.

They were happy to toss Birks under the bus because she didn’t hate Trump enough.

We are being told to hate our neighbor, fear our neighbor, and that we should stay indoors, mask up, and lockdown so we don’t DIE from a virus with a 99.8% survival rate.

Yeah, it looks especially stupid when we write it out like that.

Reality isn’t sensitive.

It’s just reality.

Ahem, we’ve been told that questioning their anti-science is literally anti-science or something.


Never mind, we’ll just be over here making fart noises in the corner.

Government loves dumb people.

Oh, the Left pretended Trump supporters were the stupid ones but in reality the people who ask ‘how high’ when their government tells them to jump are the true stupid ones.

The most oppressive.


Think we’ve ALL had enough COVID and Biden to last a lifetime.

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