The estate of a Trump supporter who was gunned down in cold blood by an Antifa sympathizer last year has filed a lawsuit against the city of Portland for its “hands-off approach” towards public safety that has contributed to the dangerous state of mayhem in the streets.

The lawsuit was filed on Friday by the estate of Aaron “Jay” Danielson, the 39-year-old man whose life was cut short by a self-described anti-fascist who was caught on security video lurking in a parking garage from which he would spring his ambush on the victim who passed away after being shot in the chest.

The suit, which was filed in a Portland federal court seeks $13 million in damages against the city, Democrat Mayor Ted Wheeler, and Multnomah County District Attorney Michael Schmidt as being responsible for the “preventable” death of Danielson.

Estate attorney Christopher L. Cauble said, “We are seeking justice for the preventable death of a young man, gunned down in a city with a dangerous and deadly hands-off approach to public safety. Time and time again, City leadership and law enforcement have failed to find an effective response to clashing groups of protesters,” according to a statement reported by

“Given the enormity of the press coverage over the past several years regarding clashes between left- and right-leaning protest groups in the downtown core of Portland, Defendants knew or should have known that violent clashes would occur,” the lawyer wrote in the suit.

Danielson’s murder came on a day when he attended a pro-Trump car parade through Portland, a city that has effectively been under Antifa control where the leftist militants had run amok downtown and engaged in a siege against the federal courthouse while local and state officials did little to mitigate the violence.

In a chilling video, someone appeared to shout “Hey, we’ve got one right here” before the shots rang out.

**Warning: Disturbing content**

His killer, 48-year-old Michael Forest Reinoehl fled after the shooting but was tracked down by a federal task force who along with local officials located him in Washington state where he was sent to his great reward after pulling a gun on U.S. Marshals.

Reinoehl, who boasted on social media that “I am 100% ANTIFA all the way!” said that he provided “security” for Antifa protests and, in an interview with Vice News conducted shortly before his fateful encounter with law enforcement, remarked that “I hate to say it, but I see a civil war right around the corner,”

In a statement after his death, Attorney General William Barr described the killer as a “dangerous fugitive, admitted Antifa member, and suspected murderer” and said that the work of the task force was “a significant accomplishment in the ongoing effort to restore law and order to Portland and other cities.”

The once-tranquil Pacific Northwestern city has devolved into a horrific dystopia under Democrat leadership and continues to be a hotbed of what many would describe as domestic terrorism thanks largely to Mayor Wheeler who may finally be held accountable if the lawsuit is successful.

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