Western leftists, the real tyrants, have been waiting for an opportunity to assert full control over their respective countries, and they found that opportunity in a virus.

Left-wing governments throughout the Western world have used the COVID-19 pandemic to impose mandates, lockdowns, and even steal elections in the United States, all in a bid to gain complete control over their people.

Australia is turning into a giant COVID gulag. The Biden regime is using the pandemic to impose unheard of requirements on Americans, tens of millions of whom are now at risk of becoming second-class citizens in their own country. And in Europe, opposition to vaccine mandates is threatening to destabilize the healthcare industry, especially in France, where some 300,000 medical workers haven’t taken the jab and are resisting President Emanuel Macron’s mandate to do so.

The Epoch Times reports:

French people working in the medical sector are required to be vaccinated against the CCP virus or risk a suspension from their jobs without pay under President Emmanuel Macron’s new vaccine mandate that went into effect on Sept. 15.

Two months ago, Macron ordered hospital staff, ambulance technicians, nursing home workers, doctors, fire brigade members, and people caring for the elderly or infirm in their homes—some 2.6 million employees in total, to get a COVID-19 vaccine by Sept. 15, though hundreds of thousands haven’t yet complied with the new rule.

The country’s health authority said that 300,000 French medical field employees have not gotten the jab and so now, some hospitals are in fear they will suffer massive personnel shortages, according to The Associated Press.

“Vaccines are now compulsory for medical care, home care and emergency workers in France, and Wednesday is the deadline for such staff to have had at least one shot. Failing that, they face having pay suspended or not being able to work. But a top court has forbidden staff to be fired outright,” AP reported on the deadline date.

Meanwhile, healthcare workers who have only gotten a single dose of the vaccine will be required to take a COVID test every three days until they receive their second dose; Oct. 15 is the deadline for workers to have gotten both.

The French government noted that as of Sept. 7, about 84 percent of the country’s health care staffers were vaccinated, but that leaves a lot of workers who, potentially, won’t be able to work and fill shifts if they don’t comply by the deadlines.

And it’s very likely that the employers will comply; under Macron’s order, companies and hospitals who don’t will be fined $160 (130 euros) per violation but those can climb to $4,430 (3,750 euros) if they are fined three times in a month, French media reported.

Oh, and there is prison time involved as well; six months behind bars, potentially.

It’s insanity — all of this over a virus with a 99.7 percent recovery and survival rate.

“We feel like we’re living through a third wave, but this time it’s a human resources wave,” Emmanuel Chignon, who owns a nursing home in Western France, told The Epoch Times. Though he managed to remain open throughout the pandemic, now he and other healthcare providers face closure because of a large number of French healthcare workers who would rather quit their jobs than get the vaccine.

Vanessa Perotti, a health care worker at “Hopital Beaujon” in Clichy, a working-class suburb in Paris, said she’s angry.

“I’m disgusted. In any case, there’s nothing I can do. I just have to accept it,” she said after quitting her healthcare industry position for refusing to get the jab.

“I’m not going to force myself to get injected with something just to work,” said Perotti. “Maybe it’s harmful, maybe it’s not, but I don’t want anyone to impose it on me. It’s not ethical, we’re free to do what we want with our bodies.”

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