Chief Medical Advisor to the White House Dr. Anthony Fauci recently said he would support a Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine mandate for all air travel in the United States.

“I would support that if you want to get on a plane and travel with other people that you should be vaccinated,” said the country’s so-called top infectious disease expert.

The White House has also declined to rule out the possibility that it will institute a vaccine mandate for everybody traveling by air in the near future.

On Friday, Jeff Zients, the White House’s coronavirus response coordinator, said: “I think we have a very strong track record that shows we’re pulling available levers to acquire vaccinations and we’re not taking any measures off the table.”

Later in the day, White House Press Secretary added: “We are always looking at more we can do to protect and save lives… We’ll continue to look for ways to save more lives.”

Fauci has also recently doubled down on his support for COVID-19 vaccine mandates on students. He claimed that such a mandate is justifiable because schools already force students to get vaccinated against other diseases

He also said that it is “not something new,” and that forcing children to take deadly, experimental COVID-19 vaccines is “the solution that we have at our hands.” 

“When you hear us say should you mandate vaccination for children to be able to attend school, some people say, ‘Oh, my goodness. That would be terrible to do that,'” said Fauci, mocking parents who are concerned about their children. “But we already do that and we have been doing that for decades and decades.”

“I don’t know what school you went to, but the school that I went to, you had to be vaccinated for measles, mumps, rubella, polio or otherwise you couldn’t go to school,” he added.

Congressmen introduce vaccine mandate legislation for air travel

Fauci’s latest comments on vaccine mandates for students and air travel comes as two Democratic lawmakers continue to push for Congress and the White House to pass a vaccine mandate for air travel.

In Congress, Democratic Rep. Don Beyer of Virginia introduced legislation on Friday that, if it passed, would require airline employees and domestic air travelers to present either proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test taken within 72 hours before they board their domestic flight.

Beyer’s proposed vaccine mandate would place similar requirements on people traveling by Amtrak trains.

“Requiring airport and Amtrak travelers and employees to provide a proof of COVId vaccine or negative test is just common sense,” claimed Beyer without evidence. “These are easy steps we can take to make travel safer, as companies like [United Airlines] have already demonstrated with responsible policy changes.”

“Americans want a return to normal that includes traveling for business or pleasure, and Congress can help make people comfortable traveling again by putting basic requirements in place that prevent the spread of COVID,” he added.

Rep. Ritchie Torres of New York, another Democrat, wants this to go a step further. He sent a letter to the Department of Homeland Security back in August telling the department that issuing a vaccine mandate for both domestic and international air travel was a “common-sense step.”

Public health and elected officials like Fauci, Beyer and Torres are under the mistaken notion that mandating COVID-19 vaccinations for travelers will prevent the spread of the coronavirus. This fails to take into account the fact that fully vaccinated individuals are significantly more likely to spread the coronavirus to others.

Travel association opposed to vaccine mandate

The U.S. Travel Association, one of the country’s largest organizations that represents and advocates for the travel industry, has declared its opposition to a vaccine mandate for domestic air travel.

On Monday, the organization responded to Fauci by saying that the science is clear that vaccines are not necessary, especially not for air travel.

“U.S. Travel has long maintained that there should be no mandatory vaccination requirement for domestic travel,” said Executive Vice President of Public Affairs and Policy Tori Emerson Barnes, in a statement. “Such a policy would have an unfair, negative impact on families with young children who are not yet eligible to get the vaccine.”

The Travel Association unfortunately believes in mask mandates, and the federal mask requirement for air travel, which has been extended through Jan. 2022, is enough to protect air travelers.

“With the federal mask mandate for all forms of public transportation and U.S. airports extended through Jan. 2022, proper tools are already in place to enable safe air travel for Americans.”

The Travel Association has not presented any evidence to back up its claim regarding masks.

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