A “highly anticipated” #JusticeForJ6 rally Saturday at the U.S. Capitol on behalf of the Jan. 6th rioters reportedly turned up more “journalists” than actual rallygoers, despite weeks of “wall-to-wall fear porn” by the mainstream establishment press.

Following the protest’s conclusion, U.S. Capitol Police reported on Twitter that “approximately 400 to 450” people wound up attending.


But of the “400 to 450,” only a relative few were actual rallygoers:

“[R]ally attendees were vastly outnumbered by police, media, a few dozen counterprotesters, and curious onlookers,” BuzzFeed News confirmed.

Video footage from the rally bears this out:

BuzzFeed estimated that “about 100” protesters actually showed up, but even that seems like an exaggeration.

Of those who did show up, they seemed as eccentric but ultimately harmless as the infamous Jan. 6th barbarian.

“The protesters came dressed in American flag symbols, constitutional slogans and anti-BLM messages. One wore a coon-skin cap and a Daniel Boone flask. Another boasted a hat that said: ‘We the People Are Pissed Off,'” according to The Hill.

“They waved flags — some traditional, some hand-made with messages like ‘Guilty of Loving America’ — and carried signs that warned against the rise of a totalitarian state.”

But again, they were far and between, despite what political commentator Drew Holden has described as days of “wall-to-wall fear porn” from the establishment press, the worst of which he says predictably came from CNN.


But by no means was CNN alone in pushing “fear porn.”


The media’s false predictions provoked anger because it wasn’t a one-time affair but rather part of a habitual pattern — a pattern that Holden predicted will likely continue to play out without any accountability or introspection.

“Will these outlets explain how they got this frightening predictions wrong, and why? And how they’ll avoid hyping up a ‘security threat’ that isn’t in the future? Something tells me that won’t happen,” he argued in an additional tweet.

According to Holden, the tragic part of this all isn’t so much the media’s passionate attempts to keep portraying all Trump supporters as maniacal rioters — that’s just par for the course at this point — but rather the media’s unwillingness to offer equally passionate coverage toward the nation’s real problems.

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