After over a year of lies and falsehoods, the Biden administration’s top coronavirus “expert,” Dr. Anthony Fauci, is finally starting to admit some truths, though as usual, he can’t help muddying the water with political rhetoric and spin.

Speaking on CNN early Sunday morning, he admitted that those who’ve already contracted the coronavirus “have a considerable degree of immunity.”

He made the admission after being asked by CNN Jake Tapper to respond to concerns from the public over why those who’ve already contracted the virus are also being forced by the Biden administration to also get vaccinated.

Though not surprisingly, Fauci, the head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, argued that even those do have natural protection should get vaccinated anyway because the vaccine will “dramatically increase that protection.”

“It is true they do have protection. The one thing that we are not aware of yet — and hopefully we’ll get that data — is what the durability is and, looking ahead, whether or not that type of protection that’s inducted by natural infection, how that’ll be against the variety of variants as they arrive. I’m not denying at all that people who get infected and recover have a considerable degree of immunity,” he said.

“We also know — and I think we should not let this pass without saying it — that when you get infected and recover, A, you get a good degree of community, but B, when you get vaccinated, you dramatically increase that protection, which is something that’s really quite good.”

Of course, some might argue that the freedom to choose is also “quite good” …


The remarks were made in respond to President Joe Biden’s highly controversial announcement a tad over a week earlier that all businesses with 100 or more employees must adopt a vaccine mandate.

Critics responded to Fauci’s remarks by arguing that he seemed all over the place. One minute he said they need more data, but the next minute he confidently concluded that the vaccine “dramatically” increases immunity.

Fauci was equally “all over the place” when talking about vaccine boosters.

Tapper noted recent criticism from former Obama era U.S. Food and Drug Administration chief scientist Dr. Jesse Goodman that the president’s veritable promise last month that booster shots would start being rolled out to everybody on Sept. 11th was “backwards and not helpful.”

“What I do think was backwards and not helpful was that the White House made an announcement with a certain date before really all the data had come in, before [the] FDA had a chance to review it, and before there was this public discussion that we’re now going to have,” he’d said on CNN late last week.

This statement prompted Tapper to ask Fauci, “Was it a mistake for the president to announce this before the FDA and CDC issued their guidance?”

Fauci obediently said no.

“The president was very clear … that [it] was pending and on the condition of the examination of all of the data by the FDA. It’s understandable how there could have been some confusion, but what was said was pretty clear,” he argued.

The FDA ruled late last week that only those 65 and older should seek out a booster shot.

Continuing his remarks, Fauci similarly urged listeners to only pursue a shot if and when they “fall into the category where it’s recommended.”

“We recommend that people wait until you get to the point where you fall into the category where it’s recommended,” he said.

Asked whether he’s already gotten a booster given his age, he then strangely admitted that he hasn’t but claimed that he intends to.

“I am 80, and I’m an elderly person. I will certainly get a booster yes,” he said.

Tapper responded by asking, “You will get one, but you have not gotten one yet?”

“Yeah, yeah … right,” Fauci replied.


His admission didn’t seem very confidence-building …

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