Americans are openly fighting back against coronavirus vaccine mandates that are creating environments of open “segregation.”

A powerful video shared on social media Thursday appears to show the enforcement of the vaccine mandate in an eatery where the customer, who was being refused service because he was apparently unvaccinated, pushed back against the order, asking if the restaurant was going to “enforce segregation.”

The video, posted by a Twitter user with the handle @AnonCitizenUK, shows the incident that reportedly happened in New York where restaurants, museums, entertainment venues, and gyms have recently begun to enforce rules that require their employees and customers to be vaccinated in order to be allowed indoors.

“Family denied food for not having a V@x card,” read the caption on the tweet which included the compelling two-minute video in which the man stands his ground and challenges everyone else in the restaurant.

**WARNING: Language**

“So you’re refusing to serve us? Are you refusing to serve us?” asked the customer who was off-camera and may have been the one recording.

“So you’re going to enforce segregation because we just told you that we’re religiously exempt,” he told the server, referring to his family and pushing back when the restaurant staffer claimed, “you told us you had your vaccination card.”

“I would never tell you that,” the customer asserted, going on to announce that he and his family were not leaving while directing the staff member to re-read the sign purportedly posted on the restaurant with the COVID guidelines.

But the customer took things a step further when he turned his attention to other patrons in the restaurant.

“Everybody in here’s okay with that…setting up segregation in society?” he asked, panning the camera around the eatery. “Oh, we don’t have our vaccine card so now the kids can’t eat, we can’t eat. You guys are okay with that? This is the America you want to live in?”

As if to prove his point, a man at another table responded “yup” and directed his middle finger at the customer who was clearly seated with his children. Other people could be heard now commenting as the man became increasingly frustrated with the response, or lack thereof.

“This is America and in America, everybody can eat!” he exclaimed, continuing to ask other customers if they accepted the “segregation” of people based on their vaccine status.

Amazingly, many restaurant patrons appeared to ignore him.

Near the end of the video, the man again told an employee that he needed to read the flyer posted by the restaurant which purportedly contained language explaining the requirements to enter the eatery.

“It says you cannot discriminate. Read the poster,” he said.

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