In less than 6 months CDC Director Rochelle Walensky goes from saying:


March 29, 2021: Vaccinated people don’t get sick


August 19:  The Vaccinated face hospitalization and death if they don’t get a booster

Gaslighting: "Vaccinated people do not carry the virus, don`t get sick, & that's not just in the clinical trials but it`s also in real world data." - CDC Director Rochelle Walensky

Transcript: The Rachel Maddow Show, 3/29/21…Image
🚨Gaslighting: "The vaccine will prevent you from getting sick, going to the hospital or dying. Vaccines are highly effective at preventing you from getting infected, and if you are infected, you can't give it to anyone else." Rachel MaddowImage
🚨Gaslighting: CDC quietly replaces "immunity" with "protection" in the definition of vaccination and removes "produces immunity to a disease" from the definition of vaccine - Sept 1st, 2021

Archive 8/26/2021:…

Archive 9/1/2021:…Image
🚨Gaslighting: CDC Director say son July 30, 2021 "there will be no federal mandate" for the covid vaccine.

Just 2 months later Biden announces a sweeping federal vaccine mandate, with exemptions for his White House staff and Congress and certain liberal unions.ImageImage
🚨Gaslighting: CDC Director on May 16, 2021: “The Science is clear: If you are vaccinated against #COVID19, you are safe. The vaccines work. You can take off your mask & are not at risk of severe disease or hospitalization.”Image
🚨Gaslighting: Israel public officials moves goal posts to explain hospitalization rates with virtually everyone fully vaccinated.

"There are very few fully vaccinated citizens, most have had only two doses." 
🚨Gaslighting: Fauci and the WHO said in May the Pandemic will end if 70% get vaccinated.

Now the WHO is warning vaccines will never end the pandemic. Covid will become permanent due to new variants, just like the flu, and will require perpetual boosters.Image
🚨Gaslighting: July 30,2021 CDC Director said "there will be no nationwide Federal mandate."

August 23,2021 FDA approves the first covid vaccine.

September 9, 2021 Biden decrees nationwide Federal mandate, exempting Congress, the White House, immigrants & some liberal unions.ImageImageImage
🚨Gaslighting: In less than 6 months CDC Director Rochelle Walensky goes from saying:

March 29, 2021: Vaccinated people don't get sick
August 19, 2021: Vaccinated face getting sick being hospitalization and death if they don't get a booster.

🚨Gaslighting: UK DATA shows even before mass vaccination, Delta's death rate was 10 times lower than other variants.

Studies cited by public health officials leave this fact out and give vaccines the credit for the drop in covid fatality rates.

🚨Gaslighting: Data shows UK's Death rate dropped as the 10 times less deadly Delta became dominant.

UK's Death rate drop does not correlate with mass vaccine uptake.

Studies all give vaccines the credit. None mention Delta's lower death rate.

🚨Gaslighting Fauci:

2/28: All 3 vaccines are 100% effective against hospitalization and death

4/12: No vaccine is 100% effective breakthrough cases expected, but not hospitalizations or death

7/5: Vaccines 99% effective against death

8/24: Vaccines are 66-94% effectiveImageImageImageImage
🚨Gaslighting: The CDC continues to push false narratives that surgical & cloth masks prevent Covid but provide no proof.

Instead they pivot to studies showing masks block particles.

Meanwhile mask manufacturers are REQUIRED by law to DISCLOSE on the box they don't stop Covid.ImageImageImage
🚨Gaslighting: Fauci calls for forced vaccinated school children while sticking to his BIG LIE that's already debunked by England, Scotland and Israel, that if the US gets the vast majority vaccinated in 6 months the Covid pandemic will end.
🚨Gaslighting: CDC now says your mask is "due for an upgrade" due to Delta.

The fact is the CDC never had any evidence surgical masks that do not form fit your face and clothe masks ever stopped covid.

In fact, manufacturers are required by law to say so so right on the box.ImageImageImageImage
🚨Gaslighting: Fauci, the "TOP US infectious disease expert", told America the risk of #coronvirus was miniscule, to skip masks and wash their hands on February 12, 2020.

In just weeks #covid raged across the US and surged to kill nearly 3,000 Americans a day. A 9/11 every day.Image
🚨Gaslighting: Twitter is marking 'major' scientific studies as 'misleading' even though the science is indisputable, just because the study goes against the emerging multi-trillion-dollar a year vaccine industry agenda of vaccinating the entire global population every 6 months.Image
🚨Gaslighting Fauci: In just 3 days #FlipFlopFauci goes from saying getting everyone vaccinated and up to date on boosters is the only way we end the pandemic to saying the FDA is right in not recommending boosters for Americans over 16 not at high risk of severe disease.ImageImage
🚨Gaslighting Fauci Plays Both Sides: "The Story Is Not Over" - Fauci Rejects "The Science" And Says Covid Boosters Still Likely Despite FDA Rebuke While At The Same Time Saying The FDA Panel Was Not Wrong To Reject Boosters.…
🚨Gaslighting: 2:19 of Biden, the CDC director and Biden flip-flipping and gaslighting about the Science™ of vaccines.
🚨Gaslighting: Biden, Psaki, Pelosi & Fauci all promised NO vaccine mandates

✅Definitely Not
✅Shouldn't be mandatory
✅Government doesn't have power
✅We can not require someone to be vaccinated
✅Matter of privacy
✅Not appropriate
🚨Gaslighting: 1 year ago vaccine hesitancy was part of Democrats election platform which is why it is discussed in the video below. 65% said Trump's 2020 vaccine was rushed and not properly tested.

Now under Biden, social media has banished such WrongThink to cyber ghettos. 

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