ONE DISNEY FAN has been told to go away when getting her picture taken with cast member Gaston - because she touched him inappropriately.

The Beauty and the Beast actor was appalled when the woman grabbed him as soon as it was her turn for a photo, and he refused to pose for the snap.

A woman puts her hand on Gaston's pecs
A woman puts her hand on Gaston's pecs
The actor asks her to leave
The actor asks her to leave

As posted on Reddit under the Watch people die inside category, the video shows a very forward woman place her hands on Gaston's chest as soon as she approaches him.

The actor immediately pulls away, while staying in character pushes her towards the exit and says "get out."

Awkwardly, the woman seems to think he is joking and continues to pose for a photo with Gaston, who keeps pointing towards the exit shouting "leave."

Laughing, the woman actually tries to touch his chest for a second time to which he blocks and says "you're done."

Eventually, she walks away looking confused while he shouts after her "there are children."

Viewers are quick to comment on the video with one saying: No one copes like Gaston, no one "nopes" like Gaston, no one calls out girls' unwanted gropes like Gaston."

Another said: "No one REJECTS like Gaston, demands RESPECT like Gaston, No one shuts down the groping of PECS like Gaston!"

Other's commented on the more serious side of the matter, with one saying that security should have intervened.

"I feel like he shouldn't have to do this himself. Someone who is groped on the job shouldn't have to be their own security or have returned to their job instantly as nothing happened. What if he needs a minute?!" One person said.

Adding: "Wouldn't it make sense for these character people to each have someone monitoring the guests' interactions with them and run interference in a situation like this?"

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