Imagine for a moment you are the friend of a friend of a friend who has simply been exposed to someone who was possibly exposed to Covid-19, and because of those ties to that friend of a friend of a friend, you’ve been told to quarantine yourself for 7 or 10 or 14 days (or whatever the ‘magic number‘ of days it is on that particular day.)

Happily taking a few days away from the madness of the hour, you dedicatedly quarantine yourself away from friends and family, using the time wisely to catch up on things you hadn’t been able to do.

Deciding one day to take a well-deserved, nice long hot bath in Epsom salts to sooth away the day, you drift off into a ‘happy zone’, only to be rudely taken away from it 15 minutes later as you hear something crashing down in your living room.

Getting out of the tub and opening the bathroom door to see 10 uniformed masked men holding guns pointed at your head with your front door laying broken into pieces all over your living room floor, the news out of Australia reports Queenslander’s in home quarantine are facing just such a possibility, with residents in home quarantine getting a visit from the cops if they fail to comply with a strict new compliance rule within 10 minutes.

And what might that ‘compliance rule’ be? As that story reports, those in Queensland under home quarantine will need to answer a randomly-timed text message within 10 minutes or risk a visit by the cops. 

Part of what they’re calling a ‘real-time compliance push’ by the government there ahead of school holidays that start next week, Health Minister Yvette D’Ath told parliament today residents in home quarantine will receive a random message at least once a day from Queensland Health that they’ll be required to respond to within 10 minutes, or face the possibility of their doors being knocked down. 

Just the latest moves in Australia to turn their once free nation into a full-scale medical tyranny, it sounds like something out of a dystopian horror movie, where corrupt government is always watching over its subjects, and gives us a taste of where America is headed if the despots here get their way. When checking out the madness from that story below, can you imagine this coming to neighborhoods near you?

“This means Queensland Health will be able to ensure individuals in home quarantine are at the residence they’re lawfully required to be at,” Ms D’Ath said. 

“It specifically allows authorities to identify if anybody is away from their approved residence.” 

Potential breaches will be assessed by police to identify whether further action is required, including fines and a direction to go into hotel quarantine at their own cost. (ANP: Hotel quarantine = FEMA-style camp.)

With ‘compliance rules’ sounding an awful lot like ‘submission techniques‘ used by mixed martial artists to obtain ‘compliance’ from those who they are fighting against, and such techniques using ‘pain’ to ‘manipulate‘ their opponents into ‘submitting‘ to them, it’s not just a coincidence that Joe Biden and the globalists are attempting to use ‘pain’ to force 10’s of millions of Americans into doing something that they don’t want to do by mandating vaxxes for employers with 100 employees.

But as William Dunn had pointed out in this July 28th story on ANP, much of what has been happening in America and the Western world goes completely against the Nuremberg Code, which requires the ‘voluntary consent’ of the people for medical experimentation, more proof that Joe Biden and Democrats using ‘compliance techniques’ such as ‘get the shot’ or ‘lose your job’ are going completely against war crimes doctrine.

(Who else would pay to see Joe Biden or Anthony Fauci get into the Octagon against, say, Clint Eastwood or Jon Voight? Biden or Fauci against pro-maga MMA fighters Colby Covington, Jorge Masvidal, Eddie Alvarez, Michael Chandler and Tito Ortiz would be too much of a slaughter!)

With msm talking heads such as Don Lemon recently giving us a taste of what some of those ‘compliance techniques’ the democrats would love to inflict upon Americans would be when he said anti-vaxxers should be shunned and shamed, claiming the rest of America needs to just ‘leave them behind’, just imagine what America would look like right now if we had gone the way of Australia, where ‘Well camps’ and ‘quarantine hotels’ are popping up like mad along with ‘compliance texts’.

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