Watching the left cling to woke ideology while attempting to discuss SB 8, the Texas law that effectively bans abortion after cardiac activity is detected in the growing human fetus, is entertaining.

Leftists have been pushing gender-neutral language for years and have succeeded in some areas, but it makes for interesting intellectual acrobatics when it comes time to make sense of their arguments.

For example, the Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine now wants everyone to use the terms “chestfeeding” and “parent’s milk” instead of “breastfeeding” because that word, the same one in the name of the organization, is not inclusive.

Two hospitals in the United Kingdom also made these same suggestions and added that breast milk should be referred to as “human milk.”

Let’s not stop there. Because the CDC apparently has nothing better to do, last month it released a guide to focus on “inclusive language,” urging the use of words like “two-spirit” to replace “transgendered” or “homosexual.”

And last year, the United Nations tweeted a chart for gender-neutral language that included swapping out words like “husband” and “wife” for “spouse” and “mankind” for “humankind.”

Here’s the thing: If women are not referred to as women, the liberals are taking away the very person and gender whose “rights” they are claiming to support.

Following their logic, abortion is a women’s issue and men have zero say in that decision. But according to them, men can get pregnant too, so they do have a say in the abortion decision, right?

And what about “menstruating persons,” as Rep. Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez talked about in a recent CNN interview?

She also tweeted, “Just one reason Roe isn’t a ‘women’s issue’ beyond the fact that people who aren’t women can menstruate too!”

Is she saying men are not oppressing women, that the patriarchy doesn’t exist, that *gasp* abortion is a men’s issue as well?

If you’re confused, you aren’t the only one. Woke leftists claim to be pro-science, yet they are the exact opposite by essentially destroying the notion of gender.

Every human being is born with a distinct gender, which I cannot believe needs to be said. Science confirms this. A toddler could tell you this is true.

Only women have the reproductive organs to become pregnant and carry a child. This is basic biology. No matter what you want to call a woman who identifies as something or someone else, the truth is that it is only a woman who has the gift of bringing new life into the world.

Take that gift away from women, like the liberals who have walked the plank of reality, and you have no “women’s rights” to fight for.

If the left wants to talk about how abortion is not just a women’s issue, then let’s have that discussion. Men are hurt by abortion too. Support After Abortion has an entire podcast series and upcoming conference dedicated to helping men heal from the trauma of abortion, which no one is talking about.

Their consumer research indicates more than half of men never had a say in the abortion decision and have sought out resources for healing but have no idea where to look. Their research further shows that 22 million men have been impacted by abortion in the United States. So yes, let’s talk about how abortion isn’t just a women’s issue.

Every single person deserves to be loved and accepted for who they are, and it is heart-wrenching when that doesn’t happen. But removing gender and denying the unique gifts that men and women possess because of their biology is not the way to move toward acceptance.

This is one of the worst aspects of cancel culture — women being canceled. Their ability to grow life and feed their babies is denied by the very people who purport to support and empower them.

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